This e-book contains all my publications – articles in journals or proceedings as well as blog posts – about the topic e-books and e-readers in libraries. Most of them were published in German, some in English. They cover a period from 2009 to March 2013 and they reflect the development in these three years: at first e-readers with E Ink technology stood in the focus, which faced a boom after the emergence of Amazon’s Kindle in 2007. 2010 the iPad appeared on the market, and it led to the breakthrough of the new concept of tablets. Meanwhile the competitors basing on the OS Android attack the iPad 4 and Microsoft tries to win back some parts of this market with its OS Windows 8, primarily designed for tablets. But also the e-books saw an increasingly dynamic development. Today e-books are established in the US, and in the German speaking market the number of available titles as well as the sales are growing quickly. At the end of 2012 new trends can be seen, for example interactive e-books with multimedia elements, which may play an important role in the sector of children’s literature and digital textbooks. E-books have a great impact on business models and processes of publishers, booksellers and libraries. For the latter the question arise if they still can play a role, when the big players like Amazon, Google or Apple get more into the business of lending e-books or offering them for a low annual fee in book clubs. At the same time the way how academic works are produced and published changes radically. The new format EPUB 3 offers new possibilities, which could give new life to the concept of Open Access.

The articles in this e-book are in chronological order: the newest one first, then the older publications. At first appear the articles in journals or in monographs, then follow the posts from two different blogs. From 2009 to April 2012 I published my posts in the blog innovation@ETH-Bibliothek in German (, in May 2012 I started my personal blog in English ( I omitted only short blog posts that I made in times before I started using Twitter for this kind of information. I made no editorial work and published the articles as they were at that time. Only remarks to current events have been discarded. Update: in version 1.3 older posts on tests with e-readers and tablets have been omitted.


Rudolf Mumenthaler

December 2012, June 2013 (for version 1.3)

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