18 The ideal e-book

Posted on March 6, 2013

In our talk about the not (yet) used potential of e-books at the Inetbib conference (www.inetbib.de) in Berlin, Bruno Wenk – my colleague at HTW Chur – and I outlined some characteristics of an ideal academic e-book.  We invite you to join the discussion!

The ideal e-book

  • is based on the standard EPUB3 and is also published as a complete PDF
  • contains the necessary metadata for direct import into a catalog or a reference management system
  • contains markers of paragraphs to allow citation in scientific articles
    • Example: 10.1007/978-3-8349-8027-4_3/0012
  • restricts the use not with a “hard” DRM. Unauthorized use or alteration of the content is prevented by watermark or digital signature.
  • can be integrated in work environments (highlighting, annotation, collaboration etc.)
  • is automatically updated when a new version is available
  • is published under open access or accessible for everybody by a national license

Do you have ideas and suggestions for additional ideal characteristics or comments to these suggestions? Feel free to use the comment feature of the blog!

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